About Me

I started my education career in 2007, teaching HS Special Education for a small school in the panhandle of Texas. As the only high school Special Ed teacher, I ran the resource classes, content mastery and provided inclusion support.

When I left this district to move closer to home, I began working at a middle school for Abilene ISD. The shift from small/rural to large schools was drastic. I went from being a "jack of all trades" to teaching one subject and one grade level. While I thought this would make it easier, I quickly realized that large districts have their own set of issues. While at Abilene, I taught 6th grade ELA and served as a behavior specialist.

I left AISD to take my first job as an educational diagnostician with a co-op that housed 7 small districts. I supported 2 small K-12 schools. This is where I found my love for supporting teachers, students, and parents.

But eventually, another opportunity that interested me popped up. I accepted a position working for one of the Regional Education Service Centers in Texas. I worked under the Special Ed Department as the access to the General Ed curriculum consultant. In this position, I worked with administrators, Special Ed teachers and General Ed teachers to help create campus and classroom environments that benefitted all students. I enjoyed the opportunity to support educators in multiple capacities.

Then life changed, as it often does. I got pregnant with my second child and knew that I could not take care of my growing family and continue the amount of traveling my ESC job required. So I left this position with a plan to work part-time as contracted evaluation/behavior support until my youngest went to kindergarten. But that plan didn't exactly play out.

I've often talked about the role God has played in my life. God has always placed me where he wants. Where I can shine his love and praise his glory. But In the summer of 2016, he put me in a position I never expected to have. When I accepted the position of elementary principal for my home town elementary, I was not a certified principal and hadn't enrolled in a principal certification program.

I spent the next 3 years growing as an administrator. It was some of the most challenging times for me, both personally and professionally. But God put the people on my path so I could move forward. With the support of our fantastic staff, we went from a campus rating of F to a campus rating of B in three years. Beyond the improvements of our academics, the culture on our campus was one of leadership,support and collaboration. That was the most significant change that had the most effect on student outcomes.

After three years as a successful principal, I moved to the central office as the curriculum director serving the entire district for a year, before falling back into Special Ed as the Special Ed Director for a co-op that housed three small districts.

As a Special Education Director, I currently do everything from evaluations and hold ARDs, to support teachers with instruction. And of course, I handled the Special Ed administrative work, MOE, grant writing, SPP tracking and submissions, budgeting, and SHARS. (The last two are with lots of help from my amazing office manager.)

I have an amazing staff and work with wonderful districts. God has put on my heart a desire to support and encourage educators. My hope is that through Calcote Consulting and the resources developed, I can support educators by providing educational resources and inspirational support.