Are your teachers struggling with the changes to education? Education has changed more over the last three years than in the previous 30. Learning gaps have widened from COVID closures and families moving to new districts. Teachers are struggling to keep up. Online learning, keeping students engaged, and utilizing small groups to close gaps are only some of the instructional changes teachers have to make. Kari can provide a session to focus on implementing any of these changes, inspiring teachers to identify needed changes and implement them for the student they love. Recognizing the greater WHY behind education is the driving force behind Kari’s educational sessions.
Do you have a new or alt-certified Special Ed teacher on your staff? There is a lot for new Special Ed staff to learn, and not completing paperwork correctly can cause costly legal issues. Kari has a scope and sequence for special Ed coaching that will provide specific, prioritized support for creating legally compliant PLAAFP statements and IEPs, progress monitoring, prepping for ARDs, parent communication, classroom management, modifying curriculum, and more.

Are teachers unsure of how to set TTESS goals and SLOs? TEA requires a teacher observation process. What if that process was set up with support for teachers to set goals and use them to grow as instructional leaders? With individual goal-centered coaching using the domain outlined in the TTESS rubric, your evaluation process could be transformed from a hassle to a powerful tool used to grow teachers. Kari is fully trained in the TTESS process. As a former principal, she understands how much time it takes to make this process purposeful. Let her help you transform your teacher evaluation process.
As a special ed teacher, Kari emphasized the importance of positive classroom culture. Setting, teaching, and modeling routines, procedures, and expectations to ensure your classroom runs like clockwork are necessary for high-level instruction to take place. While at Region 15, Kari provided workshops on classroom culture, creating sensory outlets for students, and managing classroom behavior. As a principal, campus culture and climate were the first areas Kari addressed to turn her improvement required campus into a thriving, recognized campus. She is a trainer of The 7 Habits and ran a Leader in Me campus. Whether you are looking to restructure the behavior management plan for your whole campus or looking for support for a few individual teachers, Kari has the knowledge and skills to help create a climate of success.
Kari has been presenting to educators on a wide range of topics from Special Ed to curriculum development. Below is the most requested training. Contact Kari to customize training specific to your needs.

Special Ed 101
PLAAFP/IEP development
The dirty D word- So you thought you were a Gen Ed teacher
How to make inclusion support work Para ethics
Modifying curriculum
Tier 1 behavior supports for all
Dealing with challenging behavior-tier 2 interventions
Shut the F up how to deal with defiance in the classroom.
Topic of Interest